In life there are generalists and specialists. Although your job pushes you down towards a certain specialization, I feel it’s important to keep your eyes and mind open for new stimuli. And I want to share my journey through arts, literature and sciences with other knowledge workers and managers. You don’t have time to read. Let me do that for you and present only the best of the best in my blog!


7 Responses to About

  1. robertfritze says:

    Interested in learning more

  2. Timey says:

    Very interesting Blog. Thanks for sharing !
    Are you still working on your eBook ?

  3. fery says:

    haven’t heard from you lately, are you still run this blog?

  4. Bercem says:

    Your blog is really interesting and rewarding. I am working multinational pharmaceutical company as a budget and financial control analyst and my objective is to be a business controller/ partner
    Can you advise to me about good career life? What is the key of success in the career life? Also, Can you give an example / cases about budget preparations in big multinational companies? Budget preparations take hard time in my company, it takes lots of overtime and tiredness…

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