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Business valuation – theory vs practice

Lately the writer of this blog has been asked to value a number of businesses. The parties I did it for were interested in a correct valuation of the shares, and I decided to use the Discounted Future Cash Flow method as these … Continue reading

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The difference between a Business Controller and a Financial Controller (and their typical job description)

Hi, Recently I have seen some discussion about the definition of two roles: that of a Business Controller (BC) and Financial Controller (FC). In most Western European companies, both roles coexist and there is little misunderstanding what they do. What I … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Mistakes Managers Make

The decision-making process of human beings, and specifically economic agents and managers, has been a fruitful subject of popular psychology. An impressive body of literature has been produced to date on this important question: “Which mistakes does a human being … Continue reading

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